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iOS Took a long history of upgrades, iTouch vs iPhone and T-Hub

The iOS from Apple runs on the iPhone, iTouch, iPad and not commonly realized the Apple Tv (GUI is different on Apple Tv), Since the initial release on the iPhone on June 29th 2007 it has taken upgrades to just about every aspect from the web browser to the latest update of multitasking and don’t forget the game center.

The iPhone 3G will not keep up well with the 4.0 update it will run with lag and poor quality thus the 3GS runs exceptionally well still though the downside of video calling essentially the` 3GS still runs great on the 4.2 update.

To the gadgets the iPhone 4 was a huge update for Apple it created a better device, the glass on the front is hardened and they added a layer of glass to the back, there was quite a lot of controversy over the glass on the back though I love it, the problem was the glass can scratch and crack if dropped so the key is here look after you’re your device and for the price my suggestion is to buy a case even if it’s a clear acrylic case then you can still show of your amazing new iPhone.

The iPod Touch had the upgrade of a slimmed town casing, front and rear facing camera’s,  and the A4 processor, the device has only 256MB of ram compared to the iPhone 4’s 512MB Ram, in comparison you can look at the iTouch and think it’s a perfect stripped down copy of the iPhone though one is a phone and one is an MP3 though under the chassis of glass, aluminum and plastic there components are very different.

The iPhone 4 contains touch screen IPS technology where as the iPod touch which does have a touch screen does not contain the IPS screen upgrade, the iPhone battery also lasts 5.25 Watts/Hour where as the iTouch 3.44 Watts/Hour.

ipod-touch-4-facetime-500x332Now there is one thing then at I think sets the iTouch too far from the iPhone and this piece of hardware is shocking to say that the iTouch only has a 0.7 megapixel camera even a cheap $70 mobile phone at least can have a 3 megapixel camera and considering the face time upgrade I would of thought at least 2 megapixel would be sufficient, now on the other hand the iPhone has a 5 megapixel camera.

The iPhone 4 defiantly wins on the specs but the iTouch wouldn’t be the same without these differences and the slimness and affordability of the device though that camera would be an excellent upgrade to the system.

I can’t wait to see where Apple goes with it’s devices, at the moment there is a lot going on with slates and the home phone system, currently I have a T-Hub on order this device is controversial at the moment due to issues with the software, though I shall do my own testing just to give you an idea of what this device contains it a touch screen display, Telstra's own applications, it contains access to Facebook, YouTube and the whole web, now this device is a home phone so it does contain a integrated microphone and loud inbuilt speakers.

telstra-t-hub_1I think Apple could take up this idea with an iPad similar home phone slate running the iOS, there are so many applications which the iOS along with Apple could revolutionize.


Lance Burrows