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The most secure gadget in the cloud has to run on an iOS Device.

The Apple iPod, iPad and iPhone are all great devices and the reason there so widely loved is how great the device opens you to the cloud in a safe and secure manner, you will never have to worry about you device being at risk of security cracks, that is if you haven’t jail broken your device.

If your device is jail broken the only security risk is yourself you would be the one to install a broken app that bricks your device.

The i devices open you to the cloud with social networking and there great screen resolutions that make 360p YouTube videos look like full high definition, even gaming especially on the iPod and iPad is exceptionally good due to online play with games like Real Racing HD and Tap Tap Revenge you can have ours of secure fun for a minimal price.

You shouldn’t need to jail break your device due to most apps being under $6 and there are some great ones around for free as well.

Opening you to the cloud safely is one thing Apple has accomplished exceptionally with there app store, It’s locked out to the average developer until your app has been reviewed and bug tested to Apples app quality standards.

I think opening people to the cloud is efficient through socializing through Facebook and other social networks, Facetime was the next step from Apple not just to take the fame away from Skype but it was at great user advantage, It opened video calling to a wide selection of users you no longer needed an iPhone to make video calls, it enabled phone like features to the iTouch and made calling that much more fun and more practical and that’s what I believe Apple is all about with these devices, I theorize social networking in the next 10 years will dramatically change both in the general public but concerns of political privacy will be a player in this issue.

There are on going issues at the moment due to privacy and a lot of that has been shown with the WikiLeaks website that created government disturbance due to issues thought private and disturbing to the public.



Lance Burrows

Security on Google OS? Open to the cloud say’s Google.

Chromium is bearing it’s release, The chromium operating system based on Linux could find it’s way into the hacker world with more Virus’s, Malware and Trojans that could be what’s to come with the device open to the cloud as Google proposed the OS is focusing on moving your data online.

With the move to online the OS’s operating system is still based on Linux it is my forecast that if chromium starts to get shipped on Acer Netbooks in retail outlets then there is bound to be a spike in security risks for Linux.

Focusing on my last article I wrote how security of cloud networking could be a risk, on windows and mac there is antivirus software to prevent Trojans, Spyware, Malware and Virus’s in Linux there is few protection applications and if there is an increase in applications they wont come without bugs and worm holes that can be cracked.

Linux at this point hasn’t been really susceptible to security risks you haven’t had to worry about antivirus protection as it’s not too common to get security risks on Linux, and with many different OS’s from Ubuntu to Kubuntu running two different Desktops KDE and GNOME, there would have to be different types of virus’s to target the different systems then there could be really hardcore virus’s that attack the Linux Core root system, no matter if your running Ubuntu, Chromium or Slackware you will still be affected.

So are you really going to put your trust into the so called cloud when you risk the chance of a brewing storm which could end in more than a little bit of rain and thunder but a flood in your hard drive.


Lance Burrows

The Cloud open for all to upload BUT WHO IS DOWNLOADING?

Upload binary

Have you got into cloud storage yet?

You can upload your files online so you can access your content anywhere, but how safe is your content from theft and destruction, there is hackers and more importantly crackers out there that would do anything to get there hands on your content, It’s like a game how much the cracker can get there hands on it’s not about the file it’s about just getting there hands on it.

For the cracker and hacker the aim is to open a hole to your files, to crack through the security which usually isn’t very secure to gain access to your files.

You may not have to worry about your files being stolen but that isn’t the main issue, the main problem is what are you uploading and do you feel safe doing so.

Do you download movies illegally or music if you do you would have that thought running in the back of your head or maybe your arrogant enough to think that I cant be caught doing this it’s on my computer no ones standing behind me to see what I'm doing, no there not standing behind you more like in the PC box watching what your downloading and uploading yes it’s you ISP (Internet Service Provider) trying to stop copywrite theft, you may be careful to go through all the steps of setting up a VPN (virtual Private Network) and proxy server to try to hide and encrypt your download but when your uploading your open to the hole web.

There are legal files such as Linux OS’s to download and it’s usually quite quicker to use a torrent, most torrents are illegal though the opensource linux is a legal torrent, you would use an application like utorrent to download the file, you can see while downloading where you are uploading from, you can see the IP address of the user your downloading from.

It’s not to difficult to hack into a computer as long as you have it’s IP and port and because there is an incoming connection your open to being hacked .

For the most part your safe but what I’m saying is when you upload your data make sure it’s on a secure HTTPS service and try to stay clear from torrents for the most part.


Lance Burrows