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iPhone Case Make’s Slide out Keyboard Like Droid Childs Play

We have seen case’s that have there flip out keyboards but nothing as good as the new Keyboard Buddy iPhone 4 Case from BoxWave, the case features a integrated slide-out Bluetooth keyboard, BoxWave says the battery is good for up to 45 days though depending on how efficient you are with the physical on off switch this could be extended.
One downside to the new case is the shift key on the left side making it awkward to type with the right hand while holding down the shift key.
It is a perfect addition to the iPhone 4 providing sleek protection when not in use and makes the perfect adaption to fast messaging and IM competing even more with the Blackberry and Droid.
The BoxWave case is available for $69.95 here

Virgin Galactic booking flights to space now

Want to go to space?
Got $200,000 and a $20,000 deposit?
Well it is the perfect opportunity for anyone, I really want to travel to space and cant wait to see what the future brings but I guess I wont have to wait to long thanks to Richard Branson the first space port has been built in New Mexico, Virgin Galactic is now taking bookings to travel to space on there site.
One day everyone will have the opportunity to travel to space and maybe even to other planets well that’s my dream anyway.