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The New Droid X by Motorola

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I got my new Droid X from Verizon about 3 weeks ago and I must say that this phone gives the iPhone a run for the money. The Droid X comes with a large full-color screen and a bunch of accessories, which make it a fun phone to have. The reception has been great so far, and with five home-screens and easy-to-use buttons at the bottom of the display panel, the Droid X has been very easy to use.

The sales guy at Verizon actually gave a special Droid class on Sunday morning, explaining the features of the new phone. Let me tell you: I was very impressed. All the icons for the apps show up on the screen once I press the Apps button. I can always hit the Home button, which takes me to the fully customizable home screen. Picking a wallpaper was easy, as I just selected an image from the Photo gallery. And searching for new apps was a snap, once I entered the Market place.
Some cool apps that were recommended were Lookout, which is an antivirus, and Ebuddy, which is a great general IM program for chatting on Yahoo, MSN, AIM, or Google. I also got Advanced Task Killer, which could close any app I had open, in order to save battery power.
The only bad thing about the Droid X was the battery usage, which was not the greatest. I could go one full day on a fully charged phone, or 2 days if I left the phone on standby mode. Other than that, the phone is a dream to use.
Surfing the web is great, using browsers like the new Dolphin browser. There are tons of apps, games, and many other great items up for sale on the Market place, along with plenty of freebies. I was able to get everything I wanted, pretty much for free!
The Droid X is a big phone, but it is worth it. Check it out!!!