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What is happening at


It was founded by Silicon Valley entrepreneur Bill Nguyen, LaLa was once a music extravagance, users of the site could create playlists on the site and share them legally, it was know as stations similar to what you could do on, you could also purchase and stream music, buy new CDs from the store, leave blurbs (messages) on members pages, and participate in forums, this was all until apple came along and shut the site down on December 4, 2009.

Since it has been offline, executives of LaLa were told they would receive key positions helping shape music strategy on the iTunes Store, users that had credits on the site would be refunded with Apples iTunes gift cards.

So what is to come on LaLa?
It is speculated that Apple's current construction of the the server farm in North Carolina could be the grounds for the storage of a new cloud, It is also believed this could be a video cloud no doubt this would greatly help out iPod, iPad and iPhone members with streaming movies and TV shows as the ultimate solution to watching on the go, it could also extend further if Apple so choose's, onto laptops, desktops or other compatible devices, not only that Apples iTouch, iPad and iPhone devices have limited ability to store movies, apps, songs and e-books.
The cloud would defiantly help make hard drives problems disappear and help users avoid losing content that happens eventually when hard drives fail.

Though this service would be great if there was free access to iPhone users, it would likely be a massive hit with users of the iPhone, iPad and iTouch.

There already great for watching YouTube over WiFi, I could just see myself in the future holding one of these devices while on a plane or just relaxing at home watching a movie over the internet.

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