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Once the testing ground for bombing and artillery practice during World War II Groom Lake was then abandoned until 1955 when it became the testing ground for the U-2 spy plane.

Area 51 came about as the testing ground for the U-2 where as right next door nuclear testing by the NTS performed atmospheric nuclear explosions, this made the perfect location where curious spy’s could not infiltrate the restricted boundary’s.

In 1955 Area 51 contained few shelters, workshops a 1,500m runway and trailer homes to house a small team, the U-2 was just the start Area 51 has been the testing ground for many aircrafts since the 50’s including the A-12, Mach-3 witch later brought the famous SR-71 Blackbird only 32 of the series aircrafts where ever built and finally the F-117 stealth fighter.

Area 51 really evolved in 1962 when the CIA (Central Intelligences Agency) began to move in expanding the already existing 5,000ft runway a further 3,500ft to 8,500ft security was greatly improved and the Groom Lake basin mine was closed.

Area 51 then received eight F-101 supersonic military fighter’s, two T-33 training aircraft’s, a C-130 cargo transport plane, a U-3A, a helicopter, a Cessna-180 utility aircraft, and a F-104 chase plane.

In 1995, the government expanded Area 51 to include nearby mountains, cutting access to 3,972 acres of land owned by the Bureau of Land Management.

Employees started arriving by bus, projects continued on but the funny thing is now no one knows what’s going on inside now.

Since the 90’s the base has dramatically expanded it is covered by a 15 mile radius of security that’s before the initial warning sign’s and border markers, even before you cross the border markers you are being tracked any signal on your body is tracked even your every move, the security uses scare tactics to frighten the curious away.

Though reading all this what does the government really have to hide and why is this base so heavily protected take a look at the document sighned by Jeffrey A. Rammes Major, USAF
Chief to a German Wikipedian Mr.Cooper Benutzer

Area 51 Mr.Cooper Benutzer Letter

If you have heard of Bob Lazar you may have your opinion of weather you believe his story no matter what you believe the evidence is there showing he did work for the U.S Government at the Area 51 base, he say’s at the base he was working to reverse engineer alien space crafts in particular on the power source called element 115 in witch he believed that when extra protons where pushed into the atomic structure of the atom it would instantly corrode into element 116 an unstable element that instantaneously explodes, now element 115 also called ununpentium has been created by scientists It was first observed in 2003 to date around just 30 atoms of ununpentium have been created, with only 4 direct decays of the element having been detected.

So why is Bob’s story so believable not only is there truth in his story but the government has clearly tried to cover up his very existence please view the video below:

Furthering on from the video most of the things Bob Lazar said have evidence to back them up he said he arrived at Area 51 on a Bus this is true a Bus did route to area 51 with just few stops the bus travelled Groom Lake Road and stoped at Crystal Springs, Ash Springs, and Alamo, and parked at the Alamo courthouse overnight.

Now employees arrive at Area 51 every half hour on un marked government aircrafts take a look at the best view you will ever see of Area 51 and it’s employees arriving below.

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