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Security on Google OS? Open to the cloud say’s Google.

Chromium is bearing it’s release, The chromium operating system based on Linux could find it’s way into the hacker world with more Virus’s, Malware and Trojans that could be what’s to come with the device open to the cloud as Google proposed the OS is focusing on moving your data online.

With the move to online the OS’s operating system is still based on Linux it is my forecast that if chromium starts to get shipped on Acer Netbooks in retail outlets then there is bound to be a spike in security risks for Linux.

Focusing on my last article I wrote how security of cloud networking could be a risk, on windows and mac there is antivirus software to prevent Trojans, Spyware, Malware and Virus’s in Linux there is few protection applications and if there is an increase in applications they wont come without bugs and worm holes that can be cracked.

Linux at this point hasn’t been really susceptible to security risks you haven’t had to worry about antivirus protection as it’s not too common to get security risks on Linux, and with many different OS’s from Ubuntu to Kubuntu running two different Desktops KDE and GNOME, there would have to be different types of virus’s to target the different systems then there could be really hardcore virus’s that attack the Linux Core root system, no matter if your running Ubuntu, Chromium or Slackware you will still be affected.

So are you really going to put your trust into the so called cloud when you risk the chance of a brewing storm which could end in more than a little bit of rain and thunder but a flood in your hard drive.


Lance Burrows


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