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The most secure gadget in the cloud has to run on an iOS Device.

The Apple iPod, iPad and iPhone are all great devices and the reason there so widely loved is how great the device opens you to the cloud in a safe and secure manner, you will never have to worry about you device being at risk of security cracks, that is if you haven’t jail broken your device.

If your device is jail broken the only security risk is yourself you would be the one to install a broken app that bricks your device.

The i devices open you to the cloud with social networking and there great screen resolutions that make 360p YouTube videos look like full high definition, even gaming especially on the iPod and iPad is exceptionally good due to online play with games like Real Racing HD and Tap Tap Revenge you can have ours of secure fun for a minimal price.

You shouldn’t need to jail break your device due to most apps being under $6 and there are some great ones around for free as well.

Opening you to the cloud safely is one thing Apple has accomplished exceptionally with there app store, It’s locked out to the average developer until your app has been reviewed and bug tested to Apples app quality standards.

I think opening people to the cloud is efficient through socializing through Facebook and other social networks, Facetime was the next step from Apple not just to take the fame away from Skype but it was at great user advantage, It opened video calling to a wide selection of users you no longer needed an iPhone to make video calls, it enabled phone like features to the iTouch and made calling that much more fun and more practical and that’s what I believe Apple is all about with these devices, I theorize social networking in the next 10 years will dramatically change both in the general public but concerns of political privacy will be a player in this issue.

There are on going issues at the moment due to privacy and a lot of that has been shown with the WikiLeaks website that created government disturbance due to issues thought private and disturbing to the public.



Lance Burrows


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