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Best Blogs Of The WEB

I’ve been looking a lot lately at online blogs and I have come across some great bloggers, I came across some of the more well known bloggers and some great bloggers that aren’t as popular.

I’m going to start with Benjamin Heckendorn.


Ben has been around for a while blogging on about all his technology modifications and hacks, he has become most famous for his Xbox and Ps3 Portable Laptops.

Recently ben heck has entered Revision3 creating his own TV show The Ben Heck Show, he features the construction of his Xbox 360 laptop build as well as some user chosen mods such as the one handed Xbox controller.



Next up Chris Pirillo.



Chris came famous back in 1996 with Lockergnome, offering tons of tricks and tips for all the applications you could possibly run on your operating system.

It still contains all the suggestions chris could give for on great websites and software you can use no matter how wacky it can seem.

Chris Pirillo also runs a social network, forum and blogging network based on the ning platform, which made the beginning of my friendship with Rex Torres (Script Boy) and Joe Whitcomb (Zezura).

Chris Streams Live on Ustream and is one of the top popular streams on ustream, you can also view the stream on YouTube (Personal Blog)



Then Finally Snick from



This blog isn’t extremely popular but it is one of the most friendly around, It’s writers focus on all things technology related, I even had the opportunity to blog for Snick not that long ago.

It’s defiantly a must read blog.



Lance Burrows


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