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This new case looks just great,

NZXT hasn’t included a removable motherboard tray but they defiantly made up for that by adding great cable management options with the 1” gab between the side panel and the motherboard tray and long holes for running all your cables through,

My favourite thing about this case is that NZXT made it great for working with water cooling they have added holes on the interior for running your tubes through and they have left enough room under the top bezel to fit a duel radiator.

I love the futuristic look to the new case, MNPC said it looked like something Alienware would release but I think it’s just a great improvement on the NZXT Lexa S, I would love to see what mods MNPC could do to this case I think it would look absolutely great with 2 windows installed between the side perforated fan plates.

This case can holds 7 SSD or HHD that’s just amazing it’s a great case for serving media across your network even better case for gaming, I especially love the front bezel looks like a design I came up with a while ago for a case I was planning on making but now scrap that idea I'm just going to go for a PHANTOM.

The case sounded fairly quiet though it was running on a hacked power supply and likely at 100% if i was to get this case I would likely run it on water cooling anyway.

So I would say defiantly if your a gamer or looking to great a new build have a look at the NZXT Phantom.

Thanks for reading,

Lance Burrows


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