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Apple - Leading The Tablet market


Tablets have been talked about a lot lately,
After apple released the iPad a revolution has started of the most popular Hp Is set to release it’s slate, Samsung has come up with the Galaxy and Google is almost ready to release it’s own Android or Chrome OS based Tablet,
I can defiantly see how there can be a war between iOS and Android brewing but how are windows based Tablets going to compete they don’t run many apps specifically designed for tablets in comparison to Android or iOS based Tablets though they can be quite good for business with there capability’s such as inking that the iPad doesn’t support to it’s maximum potential at this point.
You have seen the chart I posted up for a comparison of the iTouch to the iPad but take a look at this chart a comparison between the iPad and Hp Slate, iPad has a few threats to the Hp Slate with the 802.11a/b/g/n, a larger 9.7” 1024 * 768 screen compared to the Hp’s 8.9” 1024 * 600, up to 10 hours battery life compared to Hp’s 5 hours, and the iPad is cheaper and what i believe the biggest threat is that the iPad has so many more great apps is much more useful for the standard person and not only can the iPad run iOS but it can now run Windows or Mac OS with the Citrix Receiver application.
I have ignored a lot of the hardware comparisons due to the fact that with tablets it’s not about hardware as much as it is about software because you can have and iPad run on 256 MB DRAM and the Hp Slate run on 1Gb DDR2 but in the end the speed relays back to the OS the iOS doesn’t need 1Gb to run at a great fast speed because it doesn’t need to run as many processors and applications that windows needs to run and you can guarantee the iPad is going to run faster than the HP Slate due to this fact.
Below the chart from Engadget I have added a video of the proposed Google Tablet UI with Google Chrome OS.

Thanks for reading,
Lance Burrows


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