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Apple - Leading The Tablet market


Tablets have been talked about a lot lately,
After apple released the iPad a revolution has started of the most popular Hp Is set to release it’s slate, Samsung has come up with the Galaxy and Google is almost ready to release it’s own Android or Chrome OS based Tablet,
I can defiantly see how there can be a war between iOS and Android brewing but how are windows based Tablets going to compete they don’t run many apps specifically designed for tablets in comparison to Android or iOS based Tablets though they can be quite good for business with there capability’s such as inking that the iPad doesn’t support to it’s maximum potential at this point.
You have seen the chart I posted up for a comparison of the iTouch to the iPad but take a look at this chart a comparison between the iPad and Hp Slate, iPad has a few threats to the Hp Slate with the 802.11a/b/g/n, a larger 9.7” 1024 * 768 screen compared to the Hp’s 8.9” 1024 * 600, up to 10 hours battery life compared to Hp’s 5 hours, and the iPad is cheaper and what i believe the biggest threat is that the iPad has so many more great apps is much more useful for the standard person and not only can the iPad run iOS but it can now run Windows or Mac OS with the Citrix Receiver application.
I have ignored a lot of the hardware comparisons due to the fact that with tablets it’s not about hardware as much as it is about software because you can have and iPad run on 256 MB DRAM and the Hp Slate run on 1Gb DDR2 but in the end the speed relays back to the OS the iOS doesn’t need 1Gb to run at a great fast speed because it doesn’t need to run as many processors and applications that windows needs to run and you can guarantee the iPad is going to run faster than the HP Slate due to this fact.
Below the chart from Engadget I have added a video of the proposed Google Tablet UI with Google Chrome OS.

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Lance Burrows




This new case looks just great,

NZXT hasn’t included a removable motherboard tray but they defiantly made up for that by adding great cable management options with the 1” gab between the side panel and the motherboard tray and long holes for running all your cables through,

My favourite thing about this case is that NZXT made it great for working with water cooling they have added holes on the interior for running your tubes through and they have left enough room under the top bezel to fit a duel radiator.

I love the futuristic look to the new case, MNPC said it looked like something Alienware would release but I think it’s just a great improvement on the NZXT Lexa S, I would love to see what mods MNPC could do to this case I think it would look absolutely great with 2 windows installed between the side perforated fan plates.

This case can holds 7 SSD or HHD that’s just amazing it’s a great case for serving media across your network even better case for gaming, I especially love the front bezel looks like a design I came up with a while ago for a case I was planning on making but now scrap that idea I'm just going to go for a PHANTOM.

The case sounded fairly quiet though it was running on a hacked power supply and likely at 100% if i was to get this case I would likely run it on water cooling anyway.

So I would say defiantly if your a gamer or looking to great a new build have a look at the NZXT Phantom.

Thanks for reading,

Lance Burrows

iTouch vs iPad


Lately I have heard people referring to the iPad as a giant iTouch,

Below I have added a chart to show some of the hardware comparisons.

Apple has made a great new CPU for the iPad that runs at a great 1ghz witch is great, I believe that Apple shouldn't bother introducing iOS 4 to the iPad because not only would it slow the fast new A4 processor down but in my opinion the multitasking feature would just run poorly on it.

The iPad quality can not be compared to a iTouch, But that's my opinion but I would love to hear yours.

You can’t compare the screen quality and fun you can have on the iPad to anything else that includes the iTouch, You wont understand until you actually use this device.






- iOS 3.1.1 or OS 4

- iOS 3.2 (build 7B367)


- Flash memory - 8, 16 and 32 GB

- Flash memory - 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB


- 3rd generation: ARM Cortex-A8 833 MHz (under clocked to 600 MHz)

- 1 GHz Apple A4


– Power VR SGX


- Power VR SGX 535



- Lithium-ion battery = Audio - 30 hours, Video - 6 hours

- Lithium-polymer battery = Up to 10 hours of surfing the web on


Watching video, or listening to music


- 256 MB DRAM

- 256 MB DRAM built into Apple A4 package

(top package of PoP contains two

128 MB dies)


- Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/n) + Bluetooth 2.1

- Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/n) + Bluetooth 2.1

- Wi-Fi + 3G model also includes:

A-GPS, micro-SIM slot, Quad-band GSM 850 900 1800 1900 MHz

GPRS/EDGE, Tri-band UMTS 850 1900 2100 MHz HSDPA




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The first Macintosh was introduced January 24, 1984, Steve Jobs was only 29 then but now at age 55 Jobs has seen 28 years of success.

Macintosh went from the Lisa (never released) to the revolution of the iPad, A lot of people have the opinion that the Ipad is just a giant iPod Touch but it’s defiantly not there is similarity’s but the iPod Touch no way adds up to the technology contained in the sleek thin piece of 9.7” glass.

Macintosh wanted to put something small but powerful to manage the task of processing all the data an app could throw at it, they did this by introducing the A4 processor at 1ghz it is powerful enough even with just 215m of Ram to run OS3.1 the current OS and it will be powerful enough to power the new OS4 to come this fall.

So where did the i start?

The i has been around for 12 years it began with the iMac in 1998 now the I is etched into the most popular item in any persons portable devices the IPod.

Macintosh were always lagging back behind Microsoft though the one thing Microsoft never thought of was the revolution of the iPod they didn’t think of it in 2001 they still haven’t thought of anything better in 2010, Nine years on Microsoft is being beaten at the one thing they used to have, A dream.

Don’t get me wrong Microsoft has a great operating system, they have also come along way but they haven’t managed to get there devices into hundreds of thousands likely even millions of people’s pockets, yes they have Windows Mobile but they don’t have iOS the best OS for portable devices.

People forget the fact that Microsoft and Apple have worked together for generations, Microsoft went in the path of software so no doubt Apple has ties with Microsoft programmers to create great applications yes Apple have there own apps such as iworks, ipaint and so on but Without Microsoft OSX would be long off probably wouldn’t even be designed.

In 28 years Macintosh has released almost 200 personal computers that includes laptops it all went from the Lisa2 to the Macbook the technology has considerable changes not just in hardware but the operating system OSX is the best UNIX based system ever released by Macintosh though Windows 7 still is the most successful operating system to date.

Macintosh is destined to go further than ever with portable technology though in my opinion Microsoft will continue to produce great operating systems but I believe one day if Macintosh keeps there innovative dreams just maybe they will take over the future of technology though saying this there is connections both with Microsoft and Macintosh so I believe the key is not to compete with each other but to form a closer connection than ever a partnership, A new brand.

DVR Do It On The Cheap


Got and old PC lying around why not turn it into a DRV (digital video recorder), you don’t need to go out and buy a TIVO or an expensive DVR all you need is an old computer with some decent hard drive space, a digital TV tuner and most importantly an operating system.

So you don’t have the money for Windows 7 or Vista so you cant use Windows Media Centre so what now well don’t panic there is a Linux solution there is many Media Centre based OS’s including GeeXbox and my personal favourite XBMC (Xbox Media Centre).

In the past few years XBMC has pushed away from developing the popular Xbox Homebrew application to working on its own Linux media centre and it’s great I tested it by booting it from a 1GB USB drive and it ran great.

So to the basics what is a Digital Video Recorder it’s exactly what it’s called it records digital video instead of recording to a DVD or VCR it records to a hard drive it can also work like a TIVO so say you want to record your favourite show for me that would probably be The Big Bang Theory so I would type in the shows name and set it to record every episode of The Big Bang Theory to the hard drive, another benefit it you can pause and rewind live TV.

It is so easy to set up get your self an old computer with reasonable specs, at least 1GB Ram (you may get away with 512MB), then you want a decent hard drive to store all your movies and TV shows you can get a 1TB SATA for about $100 dollars, then you need a tuner card you can pick one up on eBay for as little as $10 but don’t be too money tight on that as you want to record in great quality so go for more the $40 and up depending on how much you want to spend, now graphics card you can use the inbuilt GPU but I recommend purchasing a higher quality card, now if you don’t have an internet connection near your TV I would also recommend a wifi card also cheap on eBay so you can stream your media from the media centre to your other computer or you may want to watch some YouTube, there’s not much else I’m not going to recommend a Motherboard or Power Supply because if your going to do a project like this your going to know the basics anyway.

So for a few hundred dollars or even less you can have a great DVR.

Check out these sources to learn more:

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Lance Burrows



Once the testing ground for bombing and artillery practice during World War II Groom Lake was then abandoned until 1955 when it became the testing ground for the U-2 spy plane.

Area 51 came about as the testing ground for the U-2 where as right next door nuclear testing by the NTS performed atmospheric nuclear explosions, this made the perfect location where curious spy’s could not infiltrate the restricted boundary’s.

In 1955 Area 51 contained few shelters, workshops a 1,500m runway and trailer homes to house a small team, the U-2 was just the start Area 51 has been the testing ground for many aircrafts since the 50’s including the A-12, Mach-3 witch later brought the famous SR-71 Blackbird only 32 of the series aircrafts where ever built and finally the F-117 stealth fighter.

Area 51 really evolved in 1962 when the CIA (Central Intelligences Agency) began to move in expanding the already existing 5,000ft runway a further 3,500ft to 8,500ft security was greatly improved and the Groom Lake basin mine was closed.

Area 51 then received eight F-101 supersonic military fighter’s, two T-33 training aircraft’s, a C-130 cargo transport plane, a U-3A, a helicopter, a Cessna-180 utility aircraft, and a F-104 chase plane.

In 1995, the government expanded Area 51 to include nearby mountains, cutting access to 3,972 acres of land owned by the Bureau of Land Management.

Employees started arriving by bus, projects continued on but the funny thing is now no one knows what’s going on inside now.

Since the 90’s the base has dramatically expanded it is covered by a 15 mile radius of security that’s before the initial warning sign’s and border markers, even before you cross the border markers you are being tracked any signal on your body is tracked even your every move, the security uses scare tactics to frighten the curious away.

Though reading all this what does the government really have to hide and why is this base so heavily protected take a look at the document sighned by Jeffrey A. Rammes Major, USAF
Chief to a German Wikipedian Mr.Cooper Benutzer

Area 51 Mr.Cooper Benutzer Letter

If you have heard of Bob Lazar you may have your opinion of weather you believe his story no matter what you believe the evidence is there showing he did work for the U.S Government at the Area 51 base, he say’s at the base he was working to reverse engineer alien space crafts in particular on the power source called element 115 in witch he believed that when extra protons where pushed into the atomic structure of the atom it would instantly corrode into element 116 an unstable element that instantaneously explodes, now element 115 also called ununpentium has been created by scientists It was first observed in 2003 to date around just 30 atoms of ununpentium have been created, with only 4 direct decays of the element having been detected.

So why is Bob’s story so believable not only is there truth in his story but the government has clearly tried to cover up his very existence please view the video below:

Furthering on from the video most of the things Bob Lazar said have evidence to back them up he said he arrived at Area 51 on a Bus this is true a Bus did route to area 51 with just few stops the bus travelled Groom Lake Road and stoped at Crystal Springs, Ash Springs, and Alamo, and parked at the Alamo courthouse overnight.

Now employees arrive at Area 51 every half hour on un marked government aircrafts take a look at the best view you will ever see of Area 51 and it’s employees arriving below.

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